Seven Tips for Harmonious Car-Sharing

27 September 2016

If you commute a long distance to somewhere not served brilliantly by public transport, why not car-share to work? It vastly cuts the costs of commuting in a car by yourself, and is a viable way to helping cut emissions caused by regular car use. If half of UK motorists received a lift one day a week, congestion and pollution would be reduced by 10% and traffic jams by 20%!

Here are some tips to help you create a great car-sharing arrangement that’ll help you keep saving costs and CO2e well into the future. Who knows, you might develop a great friendship too?

  1. Be honest from the start
    Meet up with the person and be realistic about whether you’ll get on in a small space for a good chunk of time per day. Perhaps agree to do a week to start with and review whether its working for both of you.
  2. Consider who drives
    Who has the most fuel-efficient car? Or comfortable? Perhaps you can take turns in driving so there's no need to reimburse costs.
  3. Be upfront about costs
    The driver should work out their standard monthly costs for the car, and factor in the fuel per day on top of that. Come up with a reasonable amount per journey and stick to it unless costs suddenly change a lot.
  4. Use technology to help you schedule and record journeys
    Why not use WhatsApp, Slack or a shared calendar to work out how to communicate and plan journeys- this is especially important if there are more than 2 people in the arrangement. How do you get in touch quickly if plans have to change suddenly?
  5. Choose a route that gets everyone to work on time
    Drivers don’t always have to pick up passengers from their homes. If there’s a bottleneck of traffic, how about picking up at an agreed spot to avoid it?
  6. Agree some ground rules
    Do you both like to chat, or want some silence in the morning? Radio or music? Is it ok to eat or drink? Take calls? Sometimes its better to talk about your preferences from the start so you know where you stand.
  7. Be rewarded for continuing your car share arrangement
    If you’re in a BetterPoints travel programme, you can get BetterPoints for a car share journey. Passengers scan the QR code on the driver's app and everyone can get some BetterPoints.

Who knows where car-sharing could lead and how much fun you could have...!