Running for rewards in Hampshire

12 July 2017

As part of Get Active Hampshire we want to reward you for your activity.

Local resident Debbie H (aged 54) runs regularly in Staunton Country Park, Havant and on the local roads with friends. 

'I started my running journey by entering the 5K Color run so then needed to start running. I went along with friends from the gym and gradually built up to the 5K. I completed the run, which was great fun. It went from there and I gradually started to up the mileage, then entered the Great South Run.  I had a foot problem, which hampered training, so then realised how important it was to get properly fitted for trainers. I'm nearly 55 and only started 2 years ago. Anyone can do it, it's cheap as the only expensive investment is the trainers. Never worry about your pace, you're still moving quicker than the people sat watching tv. I'm so lucky to live so near to the sea where I do most of my running.' - Debbie 

Running in a group can really help keep you motivated. Click here to find out more about local running groups in your area.

Did you know that the app can do the hard work for you with Background Tracking?

Well apart from the running, that's down to you! Select 'Background Tracking' and the app can detect when you are running, (it will also detect when you are walking or cycling too) then it will reward you with points accordingly.

Don't miss out on being rewarded for your efforts - track a run with BetterPoints today, then (when you have enough points) pick your reward voucher or donate your points to a charity.