National Fitness Day

Kerri French - 28 September 2017

Wednesday 27th September  was National Fitness Day and we celebrated what fitness means to people, promoting that keeping physically active means something different to us all. At BetterPoints we like to reward you with points the more activity you track on the app.

We hope that by encouraging people from all walks of life, activity levels, and interests to share what fitness means to them, it will inspire others to live healthier and happier lives through being active.

So if it is getting fit, getting happy, playing with grandkids, or connecting with pets, whatever it means to you we wanted to hear about it! 

We held a prize draw for 5,000 BetterPoints for 5 lucky app users and here they are, congratulations to:

Nicky P 

Anna J

Caroline M 

Anthony F 

Brian S 

And here is what you collectively said about what fitness means to you.

One of our  winners Caroline has been a Betterpoints user since March 2017, her main passion is cycling, along with other things like climbing Machu Picchu (the main story photo) triathlons,  rock climbing and running.

By using Betterpoints to track her activity she has increased her cycling on a daily basis, and she often gets on her bike again in the evening to run errands instead of leaving them all to do at the weekend.

‘I cycle more than I used to, I’ve discovered I can cycle into town (Reading) in 7 minutes, which is far quicker than by car or bus.  I love checking my points daily on the app to see what rewards I’ve earned. I also like the fact that there are different vouchers to choose from’  - Caroline M 

Well done to all our winners from all at BetterPoints